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Ex keeps stopping access with her lies
Hi I am new to this and will try to keep it as short as I can. It would be a great help if anybody is... or has gone through the same type of thing with any advice or help as I am struggling. I have dyslexia and when it comes to all the forms and speaking to people its so difficult without any legal aid. I cannot afford legal advice.

On meeting my ex partner we spoke about having children, I told her I didn't want anymore as I have 3 from a past relationship to which she said she couldn't conceive due to a past medical problem. I was confortable about this as I was adamant I didn't want anymore. I walked in one day to find her elated with a positive pregnancy test. I was shocked to say the least and gutted if I am honest. I never showed her this as I could see how happy she was. We had a baby boy who I loved from the very 1st time I looked at him. I told her that I definitely didn't want anymore and told her to go the doctors and get the pill to which she said she would. I seen the pills and was convinced she was taking them until YES.... one day I walked in only 1 year after our son was born to find myself in the same situation she was pregnant again ! This time I protested and told her I wasn't happy about the situation. She didn't care and carried on with the pregnancy. The relationship grew abusive and violent from her. She has a baby girl and again once I seen her I fell in love with my daughter. Due to the abuse and violence (which I never reported to the police due to being embarrassed) I left her. Very shortly I met my present partner and when the ex found out and made it extremely difficult to see my children. She took me to court and tried to have the court take my children away saying I was the abusive and violent one and incapable of looking after them, lie after lie. The court made me see the children at a contact centre which I had to pay for. This went well for me and the reports were great. I then got contact to see them twice a week. To cut a long story short she has had me back infont of the judge 7 times with sheer lies, I have had to answer social service several times due to her lies and have had to answer to the police as she said I hit my son ! LIES.... and no further action was taken but this scared me as it is hard to prove yourself if you have no witness so I have started taking my partner close to access point parking her in the car park near by and walking to get my children. My ex knows my partner is there and has demanded for her not to be there and has stopped contact again ! I need someone in the car and with me at all times as my witness incase she tells anymore lies about me..... She has also tried to turn my son against me trying to scare him away from the fun things we do together, she has told him there are monsters in my bed that will hurt him if he stays, all sorts of things like that. I have told social services about this to which they done nothing (even though I had to prove myself).  What can I do as whist I am with my partner I know she is going to keep on with her lies and keep stopping my access due to my ex's jealously .. can she be done for some sort of harassment ??? I am at my wits end... Any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks for reading and I hope all us fathers get the help we need as if you have a vengeful ex there seems to be no help anywere

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