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Access agreements
Hi to all Dads out there,

It would be interesting to hear what type of access each of you have with your child/ren.

I guess taking into account 
-Court order

I have a court order, my son is 2 years old and I see him every fortnight for the weekend. 
I am looking to go back to court for more time.
He lives around an hour away from me and I am looking to move closer to help facilitate this.

Thanks all.
I dont think you would get much more due to age of your son. You may possibly get a few hours one day during week if you moved closer especially the week you dont have him at weekend
I spoke to a sol & she advised I could get one evening extra a week overnight stay & drop off in morning.
He would literally be coming home & sleeping but its still time with him.

I am in a similar situation and I had been given every weekend for contact.

Then mother moved 1,200 km away.

I followed, and was given every other weekend and midweek.

Then mother moved 50 km away.

I am back in court next month and can share the outcome. Kids are 2 and 4.

(05-24-2017, 09:16 AM)nh01 Wrote: ***Removed as requested from the member*** Frisbos.

Any detail like that needs to be on Private Message. We can not have anything what can identify anyone involved in any live case in public view, for members own good.
Posts made by me are my opinion and any factual information should be checked out. If you do not have a Solicitor, often your local CAB can get you some initial advice.

Ok, here is what I got after a 2.5 year long legal struggle with the mother. And just to remind everyone where I started:

2014 break up, contact instantly denied and reduced to 0 to my son and step child. Mr. New moves in and I am being made homeless. I continue to pay bills.

2015 mum obtains court permission to return back to the UK altough social service and guardian recommend mother to stay for another year to calm the situation. Contact during to whole year is very limited and only in contact centre settings although social service and guardian and my court order say unsupervised contact.

From time to time I am sharing the same flight with Mr. New. Nice one!

Mid 2015 my daughter comes into this world and mum starts court proceedings against me in the U.K. Obviously I have no PR nor contact.

I am confronted with the lowest of thinkable stuff physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

End of 2015 I hold my daughter in my arms for the first time carefully watched in a contact centre.

We go through the whole lot of fact find and S7 for another half a year.

Final order: PR awarded and freedom from contact centres.

I relocate to the U.K. to have a more frequent contact. A week before I come to the U.K. Mum tells me that she will move again.

We can not agree on anything really. Emails backwards and forwards.

I throw in an application for a variation to define my contact order.

Variation is made and I will now relocate once again closer to my children.


I walked through hell on barefoot and played chess with the devil himself but I feel that I have achieved something so fundamental and important here.

4 year old
Every other weekend, half the holidays & bank holidays. Midweek indirect via phone at the moment and to progress to direct once I move again closer to the children.

2 year old
Every other weekend, 1 overnight to progress to 2 overnights as of September. Holidays & Bank Holidays to be shared as of 2019. Up until then it will be increasing to a max of 1 week holiday contact. Midweek same as above.

I am allowed to remove the children from the UK but with the little one this will have to wait until next year. I can take my older son this year tho for a week.

I did not or only partially succeed with handovers. They will remain for another year at train stations and should then progress to door to door. The judge pointed out that the welfare of the children also includes the welfare of the mother or resident parent to some level and because mum is anxious this was allowed to continue. No evidence was presented and judge took mums word.

I am not really happy about this as this is on the back of my children.

Judge also imposed a section 91.14 order for a year to calm the situation and to force me and mum to sort this out without the help of a court.

All in all I still think this is a good result. I hope to breeth a bit now and to concentrate on my own life now.

I am being fully alienated from my step child which I fathered for 6 years. This child is struggling so I am being told and I believe that one day she will find her way back into my life somehow.


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