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Phone call recording app
Guys stumbled across a free app called ACR for android and should be around for apple, its free and seems to work well as it's in back ground and records any calls and takes note of numbers and time etc.
Didn't know if it would be any use to anyone as I'm getting ready to make contact with my babies mum and would rather record her as I know her that well after 20 years she's so dumb it will only be a matter of time before she slips up on the phone if she even answers lol
You may find that anything you record with this app would not be allowed to be used in court
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
Bummer but always a handy app just to keep a record of calls as well incase an ex ever says you said something different
I use ACR for my work.

The law around recording is quite simple
you can record anyone you like at any time and dont have to tell them you are doing it.

The only time the law comes into play is if you want to play back the recording to anyone outside of the conversation. You cannot do this without the permission of both sides.
However if you are in the position of "well i have it recorded, shall I play it back"
"Why not, have you something to hide"?

Then it wouldn't look favourably

Whilst Ofcom says that when recording calls at work every reasonable effort should be made to inform all parties to a call that it may or will be recorded, silently monitored or intruded into, the latest information from them for recording at home is different.

The following information is taken verbatim from Ofcom's website:

Recording and monitoring telephone calls or e-mails
A general overview of interception, recording and monitoring of communications

The interception, recording and monitoring of telephone calls is governed by a number of different pieces of UK legislation. The requirements of all relevant legislation must be complied with. The main ones are:

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 ("RIPA")
Telecommunications (Lawful Business Practice)(Interception of Communications) Regulations 2000 ("LBP Regulations")
Data Protection Act 1998
Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999
Human Rights Act 1998
It is not possible to provide comprehensive detail of that legislation here. Any person considering interception, recording or monitoring of telephone calls or e-mails is strongly advised to seek his/her own independent legal advice and should not seek to rely on the general information provided below. It should be borne in mind that criminal offences and civil actions may occur when the relevant legislation is not complied with. Accordingly, Ofcom accepts no liability for reliance by any person on the following information.

Can I record telephone conversations on my home phone?

Yes. The relevant law, RIPA, does not prohibit individuals from recording their own communications provided that the recording is for their own use. Recording or monitoring are only prohibited where some of the contents of the communication - which can be a phone conversation or an e-mail - are made available to a third party, i.e. someone who was neither the caller or sender nor the intended recipient of the original communication. For further information see the Home Office website where RIPA is posted.

Do I have to let people know that I intend to record their telephone conversations with me?

No, provided you are not intending to make the contents of the communication available to a third party. If you are you will need the consent of the person you are recording.


Where the law is not clear at transcribing

SO if you were asked the details of a conversation earlier today you had, and you recalled it verbatim, then it can be used in evidence. 
If you do not play back the recording to anyone else but sit there and transcribe the conversation, then it is "Possible" it could be used as you are recalling a conversation you had. Albeit it was recorded, but you are not breaking any laws as you are not allowing anyone else to hear it.

Ya get me?
Advice & opinions on this forum are offered informally, without any assumption of liability. Use your own judgment. Seek advice of a qualified and insured professional.
thanks for flagging this up luke sw. It may be of use for some dads. Personally i used it to record the ex,s boyfriend . Took it to the police but they were unhelpful. They tend not to like working/helping dads in my experience, anyway.
I used it last month with CSA. Even told the woman i was recording , so no deceit,. She couldnt get off the phone quick enough. funny that
Absolutely nothing wrong in using it, telling someone you are using it and then playing back to anyone else.

I do it all the time to companies etc. I actually find they take a different stance towards me, a more congenial and pleasant one.
Advice & opinions on this forum are offered informally, without any assumption of liability. Use your own judgment. Seek advice of a qualified and insured professional.
I have just uses this app to put a complaint into the investigating officer against me as she was bias and she is being investigated for preventing the course of justice, taking my ex side and false information so it's extremely handy
good news. which agency is the investigating officer? I remember reading lots of small print regards Cafcass and recording without consent
Basically my ex accused me of hitting her 40 times in an argument and admitted hitting me and I just received no further action due to lack of evidence of course as no marks on her as it was fake but bruises recorded on me. 1 of my solicitors told me to put my accusations across of sexual abuse, abh, child abuse etc and draw a line under it. They questioned my 14 year old son and he refused to talk to her saying what ever my mum has said is crap my dad is an amazing father bless him. She said she didn't want to question him regarding me ex strangling him as he stood up for me it wouldn't be fair to question him regarding his mother !! I will get her sacked and publically shamed for this ! Just s typical inspectigating officer but I told her I pay your wages as you're public servant it's your duty to investigate aha.
So if both parties are aware that the call is being recorded then disclosing the information to a 3rd party (for example cafcass, courts or the police etc) is OK?

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