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ADVICE (new user)
Hi, first time post, just hoped for some good advice. Ex been left around 5 years with our two young children. I have paid full maintenance since day 1. Always picked up and taken boys to and from exes and have tried to be as accommodating as much as possible. Up to present I have my sons Tue and Thu after work (around 4.45) till 7.30 pm and Sundays from 12 till 5, with occasional overnight stays and I have always been very consistent in terms of not missing any times. My ex only lives 5 mins away but getting to her house exactly on time from work with various levels of traffic can be impossible. Ive always tried to manage as best I can but now shes saying she wont let me have our children in the week. In truth shes got a new fellla and I kind of get the feeling they would like me out of the picture. I have offered for my current partner of 4 years to pick the children up at 4.30 if its such a big deal but it seems like nothing suits. Do I have any options legally as I love my kids and they love being with me. Ive thought about asking for joint custody but its tricky being in full time employment. Many thanks in anticipation, your experiences will help me. Thanks Chris

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