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Pressing charges and custody
I have now after long thought and speaking to my solicitor and the safeguarding unit come to the decision to press charges against my ex for sexual assult, abuse and abh on 3 counts, 1 which she admitted to in her interview when she falsely got me arrested and told them she kicked me and they took a picture of the bruise, and 2 where house guests saw her hit me and also strangling our son. The sergeant is coming to see me at the weekend to take my official statement and has told me the investigation will go on for several months.
My question is this, when she arrested I have told the police my concerns about her with the children and also the ex mother in law always threatening my kids. As the ex in-laws don't have PR and of course I do being on the birth certificate does anyone know if I can ask for my children while the ex is arrested and if they refuse call the police to take them into my care ?

Thank you
Safeguarding unit came round last night and took my statememt and are writting it up for me to finish off and sign next week.
If the mother is arrested or taking in to custody ,you have full rights....( the police and social services know this, which is why mums do not get arrested? ) you have to wait until the POLICE have made their decision .. if the police think thank grandma is best to look after the children for a hour .. they have last say....

But you can instantly appeal as you are the father ,,... Full PR
I have my meeting at 11 at the city station to write out my full statement tomorrow.

Any advice greatly appreciated as so nervous
So I spent nearly 4 hours in the police safeguarding unit yesterday writting my official statement against my ex for repeatedly hitting me sometimes infront of people, emotional bullying, strangling our child and over 25 counts of sexual assault, She is being called in for questioning for a voluntary interview at some point soon (was hoping they would arrest her but it's a way foward for now) and they will be going to our sons school to question him regarding her as well. It felt heart breaking but the right thing to do.

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