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Ex Partner is in a violent relationship
Only just found this forum hopefully someone can help me.

Split with my ex around three years ago. We have shared custody of my daughter since then. She lives with me mon,tue,fri. That hasnt been an issue. She me a guy last year moved with him a month later and has had his baby already (all in a year)!!!
Anyways he is a voilent man he has beat her on 4 occasions that i know of. He picks on my daughter in partictular (she has three other kids to diff guys) I think he does this as i have put him in his place quite a few times! as her has screamed in her face etc.

So the last straw was when he beat my ex very badly gave her two black eyes and busted her nose. Cops came he got away obv beforehand. She has dropped charges (to save his boxing licence) however social services got involved as she has kids in the house. My child wasnt present when this happend thoi dont think that should matter as my six year old daughter knows what he did and is scared stiff of him!! So on friday i rang social services they already have a report from the cops but it had yet to be allocated to a adviser or whatever theyre called. I exlained the situaltion saying that my child was in hysterics knowing that he is living back in the house and she dos not want to go home. So as there is no court order drawn up with us and i am on the birth cert she said i didnt have to send her home so i havent since friday. Sh threatend me with the cops but they never came.

So here we are on monday my child has to go to school and i have just been tipped off that she is gonna try and get her outta school. Is there anything i can do to stop this happening? I havent heard anything back from social services i rang gateway number yest and they said i need to ring at 9am today. Please please help my child dosnmt wanna go home. When her mum cones for her today my child will literally freak the fuck out!!! Shell have some job trying to get her to go with her to be fair!!

I should also mention that My ex doesnt look after her appropiately. Shes 6 yrs old and she is left to run the streets. School have zero time for her as her mum doesnt do any homework with her they have said on numerous occaions that the can tell whenj i send her to school and when her mother sends her to school. School has since stoppe all contact with her mum and only send homeworks home when she is staying with me any new or contact from the chool now just goes throught myself.

Surely if my daughter does not want to go home she doesnt have to. I know shes only six years old but shes a very bright intelligent six year old who in my eyes knows what she wants. She literally hyperventilates at the thought of having to leave my home to go to her mums. Shes gets all she needs with me and my partner. Her mums home is just full of chaos. My daughter rings me from her mums at 11pm at night when she should be sleeping. There is no stability or routine in her life with her mum just madness. When she is with me she is asleep in her own room for 8:30 and up at 6:00 really am at my wits end with all this! I even have voice recordings of her begging me to come and get her out of the house late at night.

Also incase its important. Im in Northern Ireland U.K.

Im in court tomorrow morning to get a residence order!! Feeling the frantic panic disapear now. Hopefully this is the ball rolling in the right direction.
How did you get on? Hope it went your way!!

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