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Directions hearing and CAFCAS
Yes she will. Can I ask, what's the arrangement with your ex? I'd it informal and just an agreement between you or is there an existing court order in place?
Ok its an informal agreement which means sadly you cant apply for enforcement.

The problem with contact centres is if you agree to one you are on a bad footing. A court will only order contact in a contact centre because of child safety or welfare issues. It's a bad idea to accept contact in one as if you are accepting that you are some kind of risk.

I would write to her in a very neutral way and say you're happy to take your son to an activity like soft play, meeting him there and having lunch with him afterwards whilst she waits in reception to collect him.
ok thanks for advice can I pm u what I wrote on c100 for my application so maybe u can give me advice on what to ask for at first hearing

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