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Child ran away to me again
Managed to get an urgent ex parte even after they said they can only do tomorrow so I'm now sitting in court waiting to find out what time and my hands are shaking not knowing what to expect ?
Well that didn't go very well!!!

The judge said he wants to hear her side of the story and says he can't see why the girls should be removed from her care although she has admitted to abh against one of the other children that's with myself which I find very difficult to understand to be honest

An order is being made for me to post through her letter box today on the way home for us to attend together with screens Wednesday at 12.30
She's now claimed she strangled a 13 year old as she felt intimidated and it was self defence !!!

Please try not to share to much detail on your ongoing case in public and as and when your hearings are listed.

This is to avoid your identity being disclosed.

PM a mod to discuss in more detail.


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