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Need some advice
So Im 23 years old and have two boys. A 4 year old and a 4 month old. Just a couple days ago, my boys and their mom and   

    relocated to Hawaii to stay with my Father in law. My partner and i had agreed it was a smart decision and best for the kids. We 

are not separated and we do video call when our timezones will allow us to. I do see my son on the phone when we video call, and

hes having fun (my oldest). I also see my baby boy but he doesnt know whats happening yet. My problem is, i miss my first born 

the most, as we are very close. I know hes happy and hes having fun. But sooner or later hes gonna ask questions about me on 

where i am at. Hes gonna start to miss me which i am afraid of because my heart wouldnt take it. Im scared were gonna video chat

 and he might cry and ask for me. Cry out my name for me to be there. And i know i will probably go into shock from how 

painful it will be knowing i cant be there for my son. I was the only one he ran to when he would get in trouble. I would protect 

him from anything and anyone. Knowing hes so far away from me and i cant be there when he calls my name really hurts the

 heart. Ive been crying non stop just missing him. I cant leave to Hawaii because of my court. I need to clear it first. But my date

 is set from five months from now. I dont think i can stand that long of a timeframe from my kids. Especially my oldest. How can i

 cope with being away from my family for a long period of time? Im tired of being sad. Tired of teary eyes. Tired of feeling 

depressed, lonely and empty. I cant take it anymore. I absolutely hate this feeling..

Not sure if you have come to the right place.

However, children can easily bridge 5months of being separated if you keep the Skype contact going. Maybe write them a letter per week and put a photo in it also or send a little parcel every four weeks with some little surprises.

Both your children are still very young and half a year is really nothing especially if you know that you will see your children again.

You can use this time for yourself and pursue a hobby you never had time for. Try to stay positive and do the things which make you happy.

Dads on this forum here usually don't enjoy the comfort of knowing when or if they see their children again.

This Forum usually deals with posts from separated dads in the U.K.

All the best.


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