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Urgent advice needed
I separated from my wife in December 2016 after i discovered she had been having an affair for a year. We have a 4 year old daughter that I have been the main primary carer since the middle of 2014 as I work part time which allows me to look after her and my wife is working full time. She claimed I threw her out of the family home which is false as she left of her own account and now lives with her new lover who I know nothing about. She didnt come on christmas or on my daughters birthday to spend time with her and her visiting was sporadic for over a month. Things settled down and I agreed she would see her often she picked her up from nursary and bring her back to my home when she was working and when not working she would take my daughter to where she lives now and spend a few hours with her. She disappeared last month for 2 weeks not telling me where she was going. As it turned out she went to Portugal which is where her new lover is from. My wife is a Chinese national and has Permanent Residency in the UK. She has applied for a residency order for my daughter to go and live with her and him and I have a child welfare hearing next week which I am nervous about as the fear of losing my daughter to her worries me greatly.  

I am wondering what are the chances of her getting a successful application.
My question is, on what basis does she want to change the child's residence?

What is the child welfare hearing about? Have allegations been made? Is it a hearing at court or social services? I don't really understand.
She has applied for a residency order to remove my daughter from my care and to live with her on the basis as she is claiming that I am an unsuitable to be raising a 4 year old girl. Basically her claims are BS and she is making up stuff to justify taking my daughter away from me. The hearing is at court and from what I know it is to decide who my daughter lives with as me and her disagree.

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