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Advice on Moving away from Child
hello all. I'm new to the forum and I was wondering if anyone is out there in my type of situation. Help a brotha out. 

My situation is I am no longer with the mother. We broke up four years ago as she cheated on me with my best friend from my childhood. We have a daughter which is 4. She is still currently with him right now (it's awkward trust me I'll tell the true story soon) they are now about to have a baby themselves here in September. I only get my kid every other weekend but can get her anytime I want. 

My thing is I have a opportunity to move out of state to the west and start a new bomb job. Get free schooling and just a overall better environment altogether (I stay in Flint, Michigan)

I'm just excited about moving but don't know what to do or what to think about leaving my little one here cuz I can't take her with me no ways. It's just hard because I wanna see her as much but don't wanna leave her here either but I have no choice. I just don't want her to hate me for leaving to try to provide something better for myself and for her too. 

Anyone out there could just help me cope or give some strong advice to what to do because I'll be by myself in this whole situation
Hi and welcome!

This is a UK based Forum, so forgive me, but what distance are you talking about between your current location and the new location?

As the previous user mentioned this is a U.K. based forum so it's very unlikely that someone here can give you any advise on U.S. law.

Emotionally this is a tricky one as your child is still very young and you would lose a lot of contact times if you were to move.

Personally, I would not move away from my children for any job in the world. For love? Maybe, but unlikely when they are still so young.

I am afraid the answer to your question only yourself can find. This is a tough decision to make.

Do you know anyone out there or would you start from scratch?

If you broke up 4 years ago because she cheated and if your child is 4 are you having any concerns you might not be dad?

I have family out there too. It wouldn't be a just start from super scratch type deal. More of the opportunities to make life better for myself and her.

And I know for sure she is my kid tho. No worries on that part
From Michigan to Arizona

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