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Heres the low down.

Last Novemeber 2016, my wife had been sexting her RN Boss at work as she is an RN also.......yes hes a guy, LOL. We get back together and never divorced. Fast forward to this last May 2017 and were fighting so she unblocks this a-hole and starts opening up to him with I can only imagine what. BTW, I got his ass fired from that job with all this sexting going on at work and he was her boss etc.
Basically the jokes on me because all this drama has made them even stronger apparently. Wow, this guy is 45 and looks 60. Just a horrible choice but its not my business. I dont want to be buddies with them but shes so evil about anything. 
My MAIN point is Im jealous that she found a true love so fast and is happy without suffering like me. Second, Im like in a race to find the perfect woman to basically feel Im "Good" mentally like she appears to be with a partner. So messed up.
Man. Nah. Just nah. She's nowhere near as happy as she claims to be. Wait til the rose tinted glasses wear off. And then you'll see how happy you are vs. How happy she is.

Who says she is setting the benchmark in the market?

If she found her soulmate be happy for her, not jealous. Try not to think about it too much. Who cares anyway?

You can be happy although not in a relationship for a while also...

I am quite new to this, but surely finding a new partner should be about how you feel, not how you want her see you?
What makes you so sure it is true love?

This guy may be a lothario doing the rounds of all the RN’s and her time with him may be short.

Rebound relationships rarely last. Much better to take a break before moving on to a new relationship.
Thanks All...Means Alot

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