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New Joiner
Hi All

I went through the separation pain about a year or two ago.  The stories would curl your toes, actually they probably wouldn't.  I didn't realise how many other people have had experiences like mine. 

I've done all the court stuff, all the way, mostly as a LIP.

I'm in the CMS (CSA) stage now and still there seems no end to the lunacy.

I love my little boy but it sometimes feels like, for some people, this was never about him or what he needs.  I have great access to him that I fought for like a bar Star D.  I'm going back for more as soon as he is a bit older, I only lost out in the first Round because the system finds it hard to recognise that Dads can run a home

Anyway I've always looked for a site like this.  I tried some of the other well known ones and they were a bit empty.  I hope this one works out, forums can be great for everyone.  I noticed that the entry route here is pretty easygoing (some forums are locked down tight but it affects membership)

Welcome aboard and please stay and share your experience!

We have many dads coming on here knocked down in their confidence already and then on top of all facing court.

It's always encouraging to read and hear it can be done!

I personally feel that a lot of this ‘it’s all about the childrn’ Is a lot of hogwash.

Of course the children matter hugely but what is awarded in the name of the children is to assist the resident parent. Kinda spousal and child maintenance wrapped in one if you get my drift.

I was asking people at work today if they spent sums like £400, £500, £800, £1000 a month on their children (most are married btw) and very one of them said no! Biggest payment everyone had was the mortgage.

I came across a post on mse forums where one guy said that the child maintenance his partner got went into the family pot and was used to the benefit of all in the family.

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