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A stupid man. - Soon to be apart of the club or the coroners list
Guys I feel rather silly being on here and after reading some stories then I honestly feel for the majority and maybe this will help maybe it won't but I need an outlet and some advice as I honestly feel like I am in the middle of the sea with a 4 ton brick cuffed to my ankle.

Basically I am 21 years old & my girlfriend currently is 4+ months pregnant, without boring you with detail then 6 months ago we broke up after a year and a half together due to me being unable to deal with it any longer, she suffers with depression on and off and whether she would admit it or not split personality disorder it is like two women, one is amazing and I love that women to bits and then randomly (Bipolar like) she turns into the nastiest women I have met not angry or horrible nasty, personal comments, violence, scratching cutting all because "You said something that annoyed me" or "You've pissed me off" all is so out of line it is unreal, she has not worked for over a year and a half and fortunately I earn quite well so have been suporting the both of us but I felt like a piggy bank for a long time, so we broke up and i asked her to leave, 5 weeks she stayed at my parents with me because "she had nowhere to go" and couldn't be alone in which time we were on and off with each other someday I just wanted her to leave and some days I enjoyed her company (Dependant on her moods) but basically we had sex and she has fallen pregnant, me being the man I am was not going to shy away from this so said that I would agree to work on it, 3 months go by everything is sweet, it's the honey moon phase again but then it happens again, we have just found out we are having a little boy two days ago and now she has today gone fucking mental at me over nothing... we were in aldi and she wasn't happy with how I was placing things n the scanner and started shouting at me in public I said it was embarrassing and asked to stop she dint, then when we were driving hoe and I asked if we needed anything for dinner and she was just being arsey so I kept asking she screamingly was screaming stop the fucking car get me out stop the fucking car I said I would once it was safe as there is cars all around and nothing was safe so she then grabbed my wheel and steered into the curb luckily i pushed her off and drove to the nearest street where she got at anyway fast forward 6 hours i am at work and we are messaging she is telling me that she is just feeling like shit as she doesn't even feel excited for the kid, that she doesn't know if she wants it or even if she loves it, now what the F*** am i supposed to do I am freaking out because I have done so much for this girl and she never gives two flying f***s about me or how I am feeling and now telling me " You can have it when its out" I don't want it... Like WTF this was a good vent tbh and writing this down has already helped a lot but there is 10393939 more things to this story but any advice you guys have would be great I'm all over the place and do not know what to do, I feel stupid things in my head which I know i wouldn't do but tempting is an understatement.

First and foremost seek medical help for this girl. Raise any sues you feel are important at the ante natal classes.

She may just need reassurance that things will be fine.

You will have to take care of yourself so that you are able to cope. At some point you may well have to decide if this relationship is for you or not and what you wish to do should she reject the baby.

Because she has freeloaded of you and your family for the past year and a half she has probably become overly dependant on you which could be making her feel trapped. Who knows.

There will be asssitance for her out there should you break up for Housing and Benefits (benefits would be more generous after baby is born) but there could well be worries about how she will cope. Would you be prepared to step in and gain residency for example if you felt you were better able to provide for the child. Would your parents help out and so on. What you want matters too.

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