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Cafcass telephone interview
ok had cafcass call and low and behold the crap she has said is unreal, despite there being no police or social service records about me and no records of harassment she has stated I have harassed in for past 3 months because of this allegation cafcass have recommended a section 7 report, and for me to have supervised contact and to see if any of my family members will be willing to do it my nan and granddad especially as they r vetted foster carers the whole thing makes no sense as there is no record of harassment just her word and why supervised for that as that isn't an indication of my ability too parent ah well any advice on section 7 people

oh and I asked for copy of report I was told ex didn't want me to have it so I will get copy on day of court is this right?
also the allegations she is stating for reason she does not want me to have contact with him are from last year and preceed regular contact with him and only now becoming a reason to stop contact as I brought forward court proceedings will judge consider this?

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