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I am writing this on an outdated mobile phone so hope the link comes out ok. And apologies if it has already been brought up. I doubt if I am alone thinking this should get wider coverage. I have no idea if the requester is on the forum. But if anyone can give this wider coverage perhaps they could.

A search of earlier foi (CMS closed cases because of death of either RP or NRP for example) suggests (to me) NRP suicide could be several times normal rate when CMS involved.

Will post link if i can find it but it is on same site.
Interesting. CMS failed to respond to this request.

How would they know this though as I doubt non resident parents pour their heart out to them?

Fathers 4 justice often highlight suicides on the twitter feed most seem based around denial of contact issues but as denial of contact results in higher CMS payments there is likely to be a link.

Male suicide generally has been on the rise and little seems to be done about it.
This is the link from which you can attempt to extrapolate the stats

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