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solcitors...worth money or go solo??
I too was wondering if I could self represent. Good thread.
Thanks bimma.

You're right. It's a patience game. She's hard headed and is trying to dig her heels in but it will catch up with her in the end. I'm not currently working - I gave it up to support her and the children and so the 215 quid fee had been waived. So basically I'm treating this as a learning experience and a fun day out - I expect to be back a few times for enforcement before things are sorted.

She's neither consistent nor bright and none of it will do her any good. She's tried to block contact but may have thought I was bluffing when I said I'd bring the matter to court. Nevertheless, she would have been mailed notification of hearing and I sent it to her myself too. Magically the children make the next contact. None since however, but there had been enough contact that the judge won't go, "we'll I need to start over with a phased order of increasing contact....". She's put stuff in writing which has shown her hand and basically has sunk any defence she might have.

She's an idiot! And rather than the judge send her to jail (you're right btw)I'm not going to be malicious. Let's go back and forth half a dozen times and then it will be her who has left the court with no option but to transfer residence!


If you look around this site and also in the course of your legal research you look around the Internet, you'll see lots of people self-epresent. The hearing process is a little less formal than say criminal proceedings and judges expect a good percentage of dads to self represent.

Basically, I've forked out 9 grand over a year to bring this matter to trial and though I've been successful in getting an order and coming out without a blemish after all her accusations, she's still being difficult. Now, I could spend more money but it's a strange feeling to sit in court and only your solicitor is allowed to speak (except at trial). So I want my voice heard..... directly. At the personal level, I used to write and do presentations as part of my job so it doesn't phase me.

My advice is - that old adage is rubbish. Ie, a lawyer who had himself for a client is a fool. You are your own best advocate and that of your children. Use a solicitor free for half an hour when you have to, to write the occasional letter and maybe to represent you in the most difficult situations at court (if not a barrister) but honestly from first hearing to last there's is nothing I could not have done myself. The thing is I know that having been through it all. I would advise you any above else to be brave and have confidence in yourselves.
Quote:You are your own best advocate and that of your children.

Quote:from first hearing to last there's is nothing I could not have done myself.


Quote: Use a solicitor free for half an hour when you have to,

do you have any pointers of solicitors who do free 30 minutes, iv tried to google it but no joy. I am based in birmingham

I attended a MIAM appointment today , i dont qualify for legal aid so paid £96.00 explained situation and said i would be going in circles with mediation because she refuses to agree and no mediator can force her to agree either.
The mediator signed my form so i can apply to court . (variation of existing order due to contact arrangements clashing with my shifts) and ex refusing to allow any school term holidays contact so would like it in writing on order.

it would be good to get some advice via a free consultation , although iv fairly clued up with it still no harm in asking a little more
Sounds like you're making progress. There's a couple of websites.

Free advice clinics here, searchable by postcode:

Or you could try this site:

On this one search the page for 'birmingham' and see which one does family law: They do a free first phone call or email.

Then there's this crowd:
Website explains how they work.

Good luck!

i went and submitted my form last week for variation of CAO and requested the hearing be asap due to the current terms of my court order expiring start of september and the new terms clashing with my work

I dropped into the PSU personal support unit which is an independent charity run support for people going through court alone. they ran through form with me. and also they booked me in for a free 30 min session with a solicitor but its a few weeks away yet tho as its only run once a week and they usually get fully booked.

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