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19 Child Homicdes
This is a very long but interesting read on the Women’s Aid promotion geared to ensuring some fathers do not get contact.

The results when looked at without Women’s aid skewed slant and point 12 are super interesting but overall it is a sad subject.

It shows how they are very selective in what they chooae to present.

In the last few weeks on twitter Gingerbread has been tweeting their users to go to their MP’s . women’s aid were on Victoria live today going on about how men use coercive and controlling behaviour to win contact and how this is an extension of their abuse .. etc etc . It is actually making feel feel uneasy, as if something is brewing.
well its been my experience where i have seen more woman controlling then men
when it comes to kids not all woman but a fair few woman refuse to give the fathers PR just to limit their ability with their kids

id consider that pretty controlling

its ok for a woman as shes automatically given PR unlike us dads who may have to fight to be given them
Here’s some more. Seems a lot are not happy with Cafcass over this and their new framework

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