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Hi everyone,
New post for me I have a little girl who is turning 8 in October I have just turned 28 myself so yes I was a rather young father.
I split up with my girlfriend at the time very early into my child’s life as we were simply not compatible. I didn’t cheat or do anything untoward and it was arguably a joint decision.
It’s been very hard to get to where I am today but I live with my partner in a house we recently bought, have a good job & I see my little girl every Wednesday after school and every Saturday day & night and Sunday morning so I don’t often have time to miss her and I am used to the arrangement now.
Now my partner who I have actually now been with for 5 years wants to go away just me and her for 10 days this coming April abroad to Turkey. She says because I get 20 days holiday that I can utilize the other 10 days for a week away with all 3 of us but seems pretty set going away early next year with just me and her.
I cannot help but feel guilty that I am going away and not taking my little girl. Do you think my partners suggestion is unreasonable or more to the point do you think I am right to feel tremendously guilty over this? On one hand I want to make my partner happy but on the other hand I don’t want to go away without my little raspberry.

Thanks in advance for any responses. 

Kind Regards,
Difficult one.

Does your child’s mother ever take your daughter on holiday? That would be the ideal time for you to have a holiday with your partner.

I love that you call her your little raspberry. So sweet.
Hi Hazy,

Thanks so much for the prompt response.

Difficulty being the whole point she wants to go away just me and her is because of the cost as it doesn't have to be in the school holidays. Its pretty much double isn't within the holidays so I if the mum took my little raspberry away then I went away at the same time I would be stung by the premium but I guess what your saying does make sense its just the financial side so to speak.
Yes of course it would be more expensive us parents know all about that. Lol

Ideally it would be best could if you could compromise somehow, with the GF/mother a week.? That you go on a 10 day trip and you can agree two weekends contacts either side of the trip as alternative contact with your daughter?

If you wanted to take your daughter with you it would still need to be in school holidays.

Your between a rock and a hard place really

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