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Support Groups

Is anyone aware of any support groups? I dont mean relate or anything like that, but a genuine support group?

I've not found any. Anything locally tends to be targeted at specific groups or for specific reasons e.g. parenting skills for young single fathers. There's nothing near me for separated dads to just meet and share experiences and support each other, which is probably what I'd want find useful - this forum, basically, but face to face!
This is something that is needed. There are some but they are few and far between.

It would be good if there were groups where you could meet and chat, to get support and perhaps to organise a house share initiative to keep costs down whilst you get back on your feet. Somewhere where you can also get together with your kids on contact days for a day out at the park for example. A gingerbread kind of place for non resident parents.

What could it be called ....? Something catchy...
Yeah, that kind of thing. At the very least a place to go to get out of the house. All over these dicussions are tales of blokes who find themselves in turmoil when a marriage or relationship breaks down. There's little out there for any of us without a strong support network that pulls together the experience and knowledge of others in the same boat, or who have emerged on the other side.
I found something around shared housing for non resident parents

Research into shared housing for NRP’s. You can give feedback. Not sure if it is still open or not but was launched in February 2017.

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