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Recent case on 50/50 shared care
Some good news!
Thanks for sharing, an interesting article.
It doesn’t to be appear quite final yet as it has been referred back to the 1st tier tribunal because of the error that was made.

I have sent you a PM but would also be interested in your views on how there not being an NRP might affect/influence other issues such as schooling and holiday decisions etc. Indeed all those areas where control is most often exercised to the detriment of the child and (usually) father.

I for one would hope that this is a start towards a new partner's income and children is/are taken into the mix. For it not to be seems increasingly backwards after this.
You appear to have PM’s turn off...

It only applies to day care not overnights. So if the parents have agreed shared day care and both have PR it sort of goes without saying that they most likely have agreed schooling etc and therefore have arranged things with the school for separate parents nights and stuff for example.

This case makes the distinction between days and nights so it is not enough to have just nights. I think MarkR has pointed this out a few times.

the upper tribunal has decreed that and I guess that stands and the first tier tribunal will simply just decide whether or not the applicant now meets the shared day care criteria.

Have been thinking about the bit about staying over at the girlfiend’s was CMS/DWP arguing that this doesn’t count as a night? Backwards if you ask me.

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