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cant breathe
i am so screwed! my ex wife has done me dirty so many times in so many ways.. she has been to jail on drug charges.. had my son taken away by cps due to abusing his add meds herself
some of the stuff this woman has done and has gotten away with has literally got people looking at me like im a straight up liar because it is so unbelievable ....
her recent scam is trying to get money from everyone claiming she has cancer.. and of course when shes hurting for money she has the attorney general come knocking at my door
I REALLY NEED SOME ADVICE! .. i talked to one attorney yesterday and when i told him how she lied to the judge to get our divorce and got full custody of my son
he said.. "whoa shes good... she slam dunked your ass"
i was informed by the attorney general that if i didnt come up with a certain sum of money in the next 30 days they were going to have me arrested ..i am the current caregiver of 4 small children and if im arrested they and my wife will all end up without a home
nobody wants to hear my side .. nobody cares to give advice.. the attorney general office workers are just going in circles with me.. they wont follow through with call backs to answer my questions and they refuse to work with me

should i just give up and let it happen? it seems like everyone is against me and i dont know where the hell to turn
i am currently not in a position to pay what they are demanding and
i sure as hell cant afford another attorney .but i am willing to do all i can .. they say thats not enough..
sigh what can i do
Are you American? This is a UK forum and we would not be familiar with processes in the USA.

Surely there must be a way that you can fight back as this may come under financial abuse.

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