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Separation agreement. Advice and guidance please
Myself and my partner of 12 years have recently just split up. It's been about 3 weeks now since I left the family home, we have a 3 year old boy and he is my main focus.
We are on talking terms, kind of. Things have been very difficult, I haven't exactly been a saint during the last few years of my life, treated her badly, didn't really cope well with becoming a father for the first time and chose a path in my life that I wholeheartedly regret and now I am ultimately paying the price for it. That is, she is in our house with my son and I am currently staying with a friend but I probably will have to leave the country because right now I can't cope financially with renting my own place while still contributing to the mortgage. So that is eating me up, not being able to see my son everyday, at best its going to be every couple of weeks for a weekend but hardly what you might call quality time with him. I don't particularly want to leave but right now I have no other options.
We have both agreed to go to mediation, to try and get some things agreed upon before I leave. We are not married so a lot of it is straight forward but my main concern is my access to my son, what we will do with the house long term etc.
Does anyone have any experience of drawing up a separation agreement done with a Mediator? Things are kind of civil between us now but I know that things can turn nasty pretty quickly when emotions are running high and people have been hurt etc
Any advice or suggestions as to what to be careful of would be greatly appreciated

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