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GF ex's texting and behavior (advice appreciated)
I've met the coolest girl since separating in February 2016. I have 3 children under 4, girl-boy-girl with German mother who filed for a move away and I think has an un-diagnosed pd. I left barley with myself intact and spent a lot of time knowing I did the right thing. Dealing with it now, I just laugh but it's still a pain in the butt picking up my kids. This is another issue deserving of it's own post.

My gf who is awesome, we mutually confide and share stuff with each-other and honestly I never knew I could feel the way I do, didn't even think it was a thing. She has two older children who live with their father, she has a 2 year old from her last marriage keeping her tied to her ex while the divorce still is not finalized. She suspects NPD and I concur from what i've studied and researched. She left but he is constantly interjecting himself and using manipulative tactics to stress out my gf. It's been from, "I hope your happy", to texting nearly every day with pictures of my gf's son. She loves her son and appreciates the photos but Iv'e observed that he uses a photo after going so far that my gf has had to threaten restraining orders twice. After this he says he's done talking then send's more photos and opens up dialogue again after receiving a response. This is after I met the guy and he tried to give me discrediting information about my gf, I said no and that I was not interested in hearing any of it.

This doesen't bother me from a standpoint that I feel threatened, jealous or insecure it's more that I find it disrespectful to me and her and he continues to attempt to guilt trip about not being there for her son and the son misses mommy and wishes she was here when we are on vacation at 1030 at night. The texting seems to continue but as soon as an opportunity presents itself it starts up again. He tried sending pictures of his back and goes off and on being mean and nice. He now knows i read or hear about every message and phone call and was told when it comes to this stuff going on I have a hard time keeping a friendly disposition. My gf is 30, i'm 31 and he's in the mid 40's.

Those two ex's spoke and of course I'm used to my ex going to my workplace and neighborhood running a distortion champagne. That's why I didn't divorce before, because my life was made a living hell at the workplace. He has threatened the same with blackmail to her often.

I'm looking for some ideas to negate this issue and prevent it from becoming an issue down the road. Talking to your lady in the evening and seeing a prodding text from a gf who doesen't want it to happen. I'm torn because the only reason contact is even acceptable now is because of the child. This priviledge I feel is being abused and capitalized on. Anyone run into this issue and what did you do?


My gf has had my back through the entire thing. She has backed me through text and in person on multiple occasions and informs me or let's me read what she has coming in. It's still difficult not to get bothered about it, me and her as well. Any tactics or courses of action would be helpful.

Thanks guy's,




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You are in a difficult situation. But the child is not a problem, but on the contrary, what can rally your family if you find an approach to it. After all, you love your girlfriend. Think about it.
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