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Section 7 report
Hi all,

I posted on here a while ago regarding an application I had made for residence following a DV incident between my son's mum and her current partner.

I followed Mark r's advice and at the directions hearing requested a section 7 report from cafcass, the judge has ordered this but mentioned that it will not be a full section 7 report. Any ideas what that means? I know what goes into a full section 7 but the judge was a bit prickly and I didn't want to ask what that meant.

His mum is saying that I am making the incident up, however the judge pointed out that it was my son who disclosed to his GP about the incident.

I had also applied for a prohibited steps order, as I was threatened by his mum that she would leave the country following a referral to SS from the GP after a previous incident. This was not granted as there was no evidence to suggest that mum would take such action, and they took her word on it, despite the previous application on her behalf not running due to false allegations disproved by the evidence given by the school. Her partner is from USA. She's snatched my son during contact before and I didn't see him again for a few months... I'm seriously worried...

I'm seeing the GP again tomorrow, sadly I had followed bad advice yet again and made the mistake of previously asking the GP not to escalate the matter to social services. Since then my son has told me his mum is blackmailing him into not talking about the incident or any other incident to any one ever again. I'm going to ask the GP to consider this and hopefully refer the matter to SS..

Any advice, re the "not full section 7 report" would be great. Any thing else you have to offer is also welcome.



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