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When will enough be enough?
Hi all, new user first post.

I'm going through the court process to gain access to my 18 month old daughter. I fled the relationship in December because of the physical and mental abuse I was suffering at the hands of my STBX and her family.

I'll try to keep it brief as its a complicated "one for the memoirs"

1st cafcass letter was full of errors and omissions, none of my concerns were considered and my STBX painted a picture of me as a lunatic.

only got the cafcass letter 10min before court so had no time to prepare, court ordered a S7 and for me to provide a GP letter.

GP letter blew my STBX's issues with me sky high. Luckily I insisted that my concerns be added to the S7 order and Cafcass seem to now be focussing on my concerns (which can be backed up with extensive evidence)

Shes made it clear she wants me to have zero contact with our daughter and has refused to even send me up to date pictures of her (I haven't seen her for 9 months now) I missed her 1st Xmas and her 1st birthday

My question is what else can she pull? I can see myself sitting in court and her coming up with "one more thing" to sandbag the process. Is there a way I can petition the court to allow me to produce evidence to back up my concerns?

Thanks in advance

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