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Pension sharing
Hi guys
Iv been divorced for 3 years, just sorted my finances out in court and ex wife has been given 40% of me pension, will she receive her share at its current value or the date at which the decrees absolute was issued 3 years ago ???
Funnily enough i am going through this with my 2nd divorce (no kids thank god) i am paying her out of my pension her share of the house. My solicitor says it makes a difference when you paid into the pension, so in my case i paid into mine before i met the 2nd wife and the solicitor stated that it DOES make a difference and would have a bearing on any payout. Therefore i am assuming any pension arrangement made and paid into before meeting a wife would be treated differently (we can dream!!!).
However my 2nd wife is happy with just her share of the equity in the house and therefore a pension sharing order is to be made on my pension. if you are going to go through a pension sharing order it will be at the value the decree absolute goes through the court. Whilst my case is different, i have had to get a CETV (Cash Equivalent Transfer Value) and this is for the application to the court and will be used as a valuation. the fact it has taken 3 years to sort finances out is (as far as i can fathom) irrelevant.....but don't quote me, i am not a professional.

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