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Social Worker Personal Relationship & Payments tO eX
My wife was diagnosed with severe post-natal depression after independently visiting her GP. Imagine how scared I was for her and my family. Imagine never knowing what is going on in that persons mind? She kept taking the meds, and then abruptly stopping, spiraling into deeper darkness.

Now imagine she starts to spend lots of time with someone who has had plastic surgery and been hospitalized for eating disorders and after each visit, she came back wanting plastic surgery. Would you advise your wife to perhaps rethink their needs, and perhaps spend less time around the other person until they were perhaps in a better frame of mind? Would you have expected a power struggle to develop while you become more and more concerned about your wife's stability?

She starts saying she does not want to be a mother, that she should not have had kids, and takes off one day with a rope threatening to hang herself. She repeatedly forgets to lock the children in car seats, and she repeatedly forgets to address their medical and emotional needs.

She then started spending time around another person they really did not like being with. That prior to depression, my wife came back from visits stating how depressed that person made her feel, that she thought that person to be mean-spirited, and always talking bads of others, imagine what impact that person could have on that fragile, depressed mind. 

Now imagine that mean-spirited person has a family member, who is a senior social worker in child services, who the whole town respected, yet secretly their own children self-harmed and had eating disorders. Imagine, just how powerful and destructive that person and their advice would be to someone who saw them as a "professional". Imagine how they could control and manipulate those around them, but also the system and their work colleges who were professionally charged to protect the family.

Then imagine that you see the social worker drive into the town where the family court was and that they saw you. Its many miles away from where she worked, and where she lived, and that moments later, your solicitor calls you and says your wife cannot attend because her "child care arrangements" have fallen through.

Imagine all of the women who were influencing your dear friend, had partners who had admitted to not enjoying parenting, or who had been arrested for beating various family members. Imagine just how sad and lonely their lives must have been, and imagine how powerful they felt when they had complete control of someone who trusted them and needed loving support. 

Imagine that they started to tell your wife that her husband was going to leave them and take away her children, that she would be abandoned and homeless with no access to the ones they love the most. Just imagine, what could that do to a severely depressed person, especially when that news was coming from people employed within healthcare and social care environments? What if recent, innocent, but seeming damaging events occurred at just the right time, and they pushed a plan onto this confused soul, a plan to "protect" her and her children?

My dear friend, my wife, was called to take our daughter to hospital from daycare, but instead of leaving our business and going, she waited 3 hours and received a further 3 calls insisting she go. She then lied to me, telling me she went straight away, and on the evening that she found out I knew the truth, she disappeared with our kids. 3 hours later I was arrested for child abuse, child neglect, child cruelty, physical and emotional abuse of my wife etc.

I was held overnight but was not charged and the police found through records and notes from outside bodies that my wife was lying and that she "could not be seen as reliable".

Now imagine those people are found out, that they fear to lose their jobs or their standing in the community, after wrecking a loving family, after destroying a thriving business, imagine how much more controlling and manipulative they would become, and imagine, just how dangerous they would be to your wife and your family?

Now, imagine your surprise when your solicitor tells you that nothing in the social worker case reports say anything about my concerns relating to my wife, and they cannot understand why I did not raise huge issues my wife has always had with parenting. Imagine the social workers are telling you for weeks they cannot contact your wife, yet they know where she is when child contact has already been arranged. Imagine they tell you that they are meeting your wife to arrange contact but that the very day, they met, your wife moved to a different social area, and that it would take 4 weeks to assign a new social worker.

Now, imagine, you find that your wife has moved to an area, where the social worker mentioned at the start works, and that that social worker is a senior officer in child welfare. And, that previously, she had worked for 10 years as a senior social worker with all those previously assigned to your case.

Then, finally, imagine, that bank statement arrives at your house, from your wife's new account, but using your family address. And that the statement shows, that just after the court date where your wife could not attend, the social worker, and her sister, transferred thousands of pounds from their personal accounts into hers, and that every friend your wife had is telling you they are really worried for her, that the social worker and her sister are stopping other people contacting your wife, and that they feel she is turning into someone they do not recognise.

Imagine, as crazy as it sounds, that you can prove all of this.

What are your thoughts?

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