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Reconnecting with Kids
Good day friends. I'm very happy to have joined this forum as I need help to reconnect with my kids. Here is a brief summary of my situation:

- 45 years old
- Came out as gay to my (then wife) in May 2012
- Limped along in our relationship for about 18 months
- 3 kids (now 16, 13, and 8)
- Divorced September 2015
- Separated since December 2014

My childrens' mother has primary custody. Here is the current situation with my kids:

- Friendly relationship with my ex-wife, although she disapproves of me being gay
- Almost no contact with my eldest son 16 (his mom says he is angry with me)
- Limited contact with my daughter age 13
- Weekly visitation with my youngest son age 8

I am largely to blame for not seeing my kids. I have been an emotional wreck since my coming out, separation, and divorce. I've wrongly focused on myself and my new boyfriend rather than being there for the kids. I now wish to reconnect with them but they're scared and have lost trust in me. Just a few weeks ago, my daughter sent me a very touching letter that she wanted me to "be a father again" but my overtures to her since haven't born any fruit.

Here are my questions:

1. Can anyone recommend any books on how to reconnect with kids after a divorce?
2. Can anyone share how they reconnected after a period of little to no contact?
3. Is there a specific part of this forum (or perhaps a thread) that deals with this issue?

I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks in advance for your help.
Morning group. I'm just checking in on a cool Monday morning to see if there is any input for my situation. I'm considering writing to my eldest son (16) who has gone no contact with me. He's currently in therapy which was his choice.

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