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Book Co-Parenting with a Toxic Ex
I got this book recently.  Recommended to me.  The author (Amy J Baker) is apparently an expert in Parental Alienation in the US.  Have read most of it and it was an eye-opener as my situation seemed to be a textbook case.  It cleverly shows a whole range of issues that altogether create the alienating situation.  What it doesn't do is fix everything or give an absolute solution.  But there are some really useful insights and I've learned some things that have helped me react differently or handle a situation differently, to negate some of the issues.

There were a couple of eureka moments when I realised exactly what was going on (made me think my ex must have read it and copied every behaviour described!)

Ultimately, I think court is needed to keep contact, but that doesn't necessarily stop the alienating behaviours so the book could be helpful

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