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Sleep (Or Lack Of)
(10-25-2017, 11:40 AM)ProziumDealer Wrote: Exercise works, especially if you do a hard training session and push yourself. Alcohol does nothing and is not your friend :-)

Oh...the booze will do something.....but not what you need.

It will keep the demons out, for a short while, only because you can be to obliterated to notice, they are still there. It will make you a stinking mess with bad breath, a headache the size of the isle of wight, and skint. The demons come back you see, as that's what happens when the alcohol wears off, and you regain focus. So you end up in a loop of...go away...!!! drink drink...hangover kicks in...dammit they are back...drink drink....truth is, they never go, they are there, you just have to own up and defeat them as the booze won't do that

We all know that as youngsters, but he's right. it ain't your friend
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Back to not being able to sleep from worry.
Really concerned with my sons wellbeing.
The system does not help and definitely not child focussed as they alway talk about the welfare checklist.
Recommendation from my Counselor?

Retrain your brain that the bedroom is for sleeping.

That means don't use it as an office, or for watching TV. And whatever you do, leave your phone in the other room. Even if on silent or just charging - your subconscious will be aware of it. Need an alarm? Buy an alarm clock - clue's in the name.

For those lucky enough, the bedroom can still be used for other activities. Especially if they *ahem* help tire you out..
I find meditation is quite good before trying to sleep. It's not about trying to clear your mind but instead letting thoughts come and go and just being aware of them, while focussing on your breathing. 20 minutes of that and I'm able to sleep pretty well.

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