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Definition of "Half Term"
Having been through the pain of court for both child and finance issues and having court orders, I thought I'd reached a point where at least everything was now at least on paper and I could understand when things would be happening.

However, it seems even a court order can be ambiguous. 

One of the items on the child arrangements one says "The child will spend each October half term with the father to include alternate weekend contact". (I get Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm on alternate weekends). The other two half terms (Feb/May) are the mother's, and my weekend time is suspended "if the mother is away on holiday with the child".

So, in May, my ex had my daughter the entire half-term, including both weekends, as she was away on holiday. Fair enough.

Now however we've made it to the half-term I get my daughter, and suddenly I'm being told that its just the actual week-days, plus my weekend. That falls on the second weekend, so I'm being told it's from 6pm Sunday to 6pm the following sunday, whereas I believe it should be the entire half-term (6pm the first Friday to 6pm the second sunday).

Is there any legal basis to what a "half term" actually is?
Following... having same issue... only basis is "rules of my ex"
I want to have a weekend in half term its denied ... she wants it ... she takes it.. but we have no court order

The wording in yours IMHO does sound like you get Sat/Sun plus 5 days and then back to mother on the following Friday night / Saturday
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
Sounds like the wording of the order is ambiguous and she is reading it how she wants. But if it says including alternate week-end contact it sounds like the order assumes half term is Monday to Friday, plus your usual week-end. Not easy if you want to book a holiday saturday to saturday. But if she had your usual week-end at her half term that doesn't seem fair. The only way to change it though would be by agreement or going back to court for re-wording.

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