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Help with an awkward ex
Hi all

New to the forum but need some help! I split with my ex partner last year and have found her extremely difficult when it comes to the arrangements of the children. We have a separation agreement but she rarely adheres to it; my eldest who is 7, his behaviour is challenging to say the least but when I speak to her she says his behaviour is fine and it must be when he visits me. I also have issues with the fact she doesn't let me know when the children are ill. As recently as this weekend my youngest who is 2 was sent with Hand Foot and mouth disease and she made out as if he was just under the weather.... when actually he was too ill to eat and just slept the majority of the time I had him. I was only told when I picked them up and to me this was because she had plans to go out.

My new partner has a 2 year old son also and she really wasn't happy that I had the boys when the youngest had a contagious illness. I've asked their mother to make sure she lets me know in future if the boys are ill as its not fair on my new partners little boy. Her reply was that's fine but she said she wont be having the boys if she has made plans to go out even if they are ill! Doesn't seem right that when we first split she wouldn't let me see them when they were ill but now she doesn't tell me and says I have to have them. Surely a mother has got to put the best interests of the children first before herself?

Any help would be appreciated
You need to get this formalised under a Child Arrangements Order, and both of you stick to it.

Given the fact that your child had a communicable disease your ex is acting irresponsibly (and some may say she is guilty of child endangerment) and they still sent them to you in the full knowledge you had another child at your home that could have suffered from it.

Your experience isnt new, its not unique, its something myself and a lot of others have gone through, so we can provide you with some advice if need be Smile
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.

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