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Any help really really welcomed

The facts
1. I am my sons dad, but I am not on the Birth Certificate
2. He currently lives with me 5 days during the week and spends the week ends with his mother.
3. His mother has mental health and drug related problems and has previously had several breakdowns and attempted suicide.
4. His mother has had an abusive relationship with her ex in the past.  The police have been called on several occasions and social services and child welfare involved.

The problems...
1. Her ex is back on the scene (although I am sure she will say not living with her)
2. The drug problem seems to have got worse. (other drug users regularly visiting the house). My sons possessions (PlayStation, TV, etc Pawned) 

The questions
1. Should I first get my name on the Birth Certificate (although this my be a problem without her either consent or knowing)?
2. If the situation gets worse, and the abusive ex becomes resident what should I do?
3. If I refuse to let her have my son stay over at weekends when her ex is resident I am concerned that she will ring the police and accuse me of abduction....  What should I do?
4. If I contact social services, I am concerned that they will tell her I have contacted them.  She will then demand that my son lives back with her.  I will say no.  And she will contact the police....

Any help/suggestions would be very gratefully received...
You can get put on the birth certificate - someone will be able to tell you the appropriate form soon enough.
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
Tigre's advice is good. You need an order - or two. Were you married to your ex when child was born?

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