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Hi All

New to the forum, hoping you can help.

I have received a solicitors letter from my ex, which contains several blatant lies. Nothing strange there!!

My question is, am I under any obligation to respond to the solicitor and correct the lies? Or just ignore them as they are untrue. 

The letter is rather strange in that is seems to be nothing more than a threat of further action, with no actual notification of any action taking place. 

in my opinion, do what my solicitor told me to do.........nothing, nada, nil, nowt

Unless they are demanding a response under a court order that would oblige you to respond, then I wouldnt bother. remember every time, and I mean every one, she gets a letter sent from a solicitor it costs. Same for you. Why do you want to respond, with an expensive letter, to refute what you already know is not true (in your opinion).
HER: the sky is pink rant  rant blah..

option 1 it isnt rant rant blah....
Solicitors:  pound signs in the eyes

Option 2
HER: Answer me!
HER solicitor :Pound signs

YOU: gulp gulp..(down the pub using the  money for a nice cool pint of fursty ferrit that you could have spent on a solicitor, but thought better)
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Cheers Drew, just sent you a PM


In the sequence of events, shouldn't mediation be the first step and if that fails, then court? We have never discussed mediation as everything has been amicable up until I received the solicitor letter out of the blue..... which advises getting a court order in place. Surely it should advise mediation first?
Yep... follow advice from Drew... let her find that out... don't tell her ... your not giving her legal advice... unless he pays you 100 an hour.... the court will do that and direct her to mediation... after she has spent hundreds of pounds trying to get you to respond.

Great news that she has a crap solicitor ... don't tell her that either

NB there are certain conditions that allows her to apply to court directly like Domestic Violence or not knowing where kids are living etc
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
A further important point to the ones above is this is family law. She is obliged to prove all her accusations against you, nits not for you to disprove them. So why waste your time? If she has time and money to spend on a solicitor who makes untrue accusations, then just let her waste her money!
I went through this earlier this year. Bombarded with Solicitors letters full of accusations and threats to take me back to court. Gut instinct was to ignore the twaddle, but they kept chasing for a response. In the end got a Solicitor who had acted before, to write a response. Didn't stop more letters coming. Interestingly they didn't follow through with threats to go back to court (or offer mediation) but she did start messing with contact and I am now going back to court.

Short answer is - as the others say - ignore. It will be letters flying backwards and forwards achieving nothing and running up big bills. Having said that, I only had one Solicitors letter done (after that ignored anything) and that letter has been helpful to record the harassment, the ridiculousness of the allegations and the fact that her claims of welfare issues were dismissed by Cafcass and Judge at previous hearing. So I have now used that letter as evidence on a C1A form. Whether a Solicitor's letter counts as evidence I don't know as clearly solicitors are biased, but it does record some facts, that all together in one letter, are quite useful.

So - either ignore - or get one good Solicitor's letter sent and ignore the rest (if you think that would be helpful).
Thank you guys.

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