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Holiday/ work problem
Hi, I need some help if possible, My ex is insisting I have the children for half of all school holiday, I currently have the kids 3 days of every week( alternate is Friday evening till Monday morning) I pay child maintenance every month and never miss. I work full time and she doesn't work at all. I can't get any extra time off work other than my stay entitlement, but she says that's not her problem as she doesn't benefit from me working. Where do I stand regarding her demands.
Hi John, and welcome.

I'm sure that somewhere in current legislation you have a right to request unpaid leave for childcare, and it's something your employer has to give serious consideration to.

Can you explain what you mean by "she doesn't benefit from you working"? It seems an odd thing to say as it's your working that enables you to pay maintenance for your children. And on a similar vein, are you aware the amount you pay is reduced depending on how many overnights the children spend with you?
It's difficult to have unpaid leave as I own the company, its a new business so taking time off ie 4 weeks during the summer holiday would be impossible. I thought it also a strange statement to make " she doesn't benefit from me working " becuase she claims the money is not for her but for the children !! I'm convinced it's all about money becuase when we last had this " conversation " she said if I couldn't have the children for a week at a time alternating through all the hols including summer weeks then we would need to come to some financial agreement over and above the money she already receives each month. I can't afford to give her any more right now and I can't afford to take the time off in chunks like that. I did say that to her but her reply was that it really wasnt her problem - Rock and hard place spring to mind.... J
Can you take someone on on a short term basis to assist you in your business? Or do you have a support network of near relations who would be prepared to help out during the holiday times?

I'm sure your business and it's success is very important to you, but nobody ends their life wishing they'd spent less time with their kids, and they aren't kids for ever.

As for money and what you provide, I'm sure you're doing all you need to, but if your ex gets awkward and wants more, point her in the direction of the CMA website showing what you are obliged to pay. As long as you're paying that as a minimum I don't see what she hopes to get by renegotiating
I agree the kids come first but without work I have no income and since she gets all the child benefit I wouldn't be entitled to any council accommodation fit for the kids, I private rent at the moment. I'm trying to build a future for the kids and security for myself, she doesn't work and has no intention of doing so, I have no family support to call apon sadly. I can still have the kids on the normal current weekly days but just can't take the time off during the holidays in blocks of weeks off x 4 and half other holidays too.
Any chance you could cut your hours back a bit and find some childcare or activity groups they could be involved with whilst you manage to do some core hours every day in your business? I appreciate it'll cost but if your ex wants to be difficult and it sounds like she's capable of it then maybe something to consider?

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