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Contact centre

Does anybody have any experience or knowledge of contact centres, using their supported/supervised contact services for seeing children? I'm unable to find any reviews of the centres or solid information, photos etc.  I am due to use the supported contact service in the coming months and have this anxious feeling that a volunteering worker will be breathing down my throat to lecture me on how to see my own child

I used one once, it was supervised contact with a report in it.

I used one in Reading, I found the experience of seeing my daughter in a petting zoo for kids pretty demeaning (but I also found out that the contact center had broke the Data Protection Act).
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
Do you need to use a supported contact centre? Contact centres are about supervised contact. And that contact is supervised when there has been allegations of domestic violence or similar. If this is your ex blocking contact unless it takes place in a contact centre you should point blank refuse. You should do so because it is a tacit admission that you have done something wrong. If it's supported it can be anywhere. A nursery, library, play centre etc.

An example - my ex blocked contact for over 9 months. By the time of the court process, I was granted supported contact at a nursery to start with and that contact was supported only because I had been blocked from seeing the children for so long. 'Support' was provided by her friend who turned up and saf in a side room for the first session and seeing she wasn't needed didn't stay for any of the other sessions.
The contact is going to be supported, not supervised, it is on the basis that the next court hearing will be in around 5 months time, so its to keep contact with my son so he will not forget who i am during this time.

As far as I have gathered, supported contact is in some area with 1 or 2 volunteering workers hang around to assist with things that may be needed, hoping it is not too much of a ball ache as the only reason I have to use one is due to my ex stopping contact and throwing so many allegations against me.
I get that, but why a contact centre at all. As I say supported contact can take place anywhere. You run the risk of playing into her hands by accepting this. My ex tried the same and I refused to go to a contact centre when all the allegations against me had been disproved.

And the biggest reason for staying out of a contact centre is the exorbitant cost!
Having to use a contact centre (supported) currently as its the only way my bitter twisted ex would allow me access.
She basically pulled the old "DV" card, had the social worker wrapped round her finger and the Judge ate it all up despite me having 15 pages of evidence disproving all her claims and evidence of assault on our daughter caused by HER.

Its humiliating, degrading and infuriating, but its the only way I get to see my little girl because "mommy" has all the control.
It probably varies from centre to centre but the one I use in London is pretty good, if a little expensive.
We just get left alone to do our thing and the staff are in the hall should you need any help.
Just an update on this, have been using supervised contact regularly, and have not found it as bad as I thought it would be, granted it is a long way from ideal but better than nothing, I have opted for supervised contact to use the reports as evidence, though quite frankly find that paying £70 per hour is disgusting to see your own child, and if you cant afford it, you cant see them.
I'm sorry to hear that kettle man. I fought long and hard to stay our of a contact centre and managed it. There was no need, Mr ex however behaved half enough with her other two children that she was forced to go to one.

Hang in there and you venares. You'll both get there in the end.
£70? WOW that is actually quite cheap for Supervised - last place I used was 125!
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
70 notes or 125 is equally exorbitant! To see your own children. Jeez, some women really do have no mercy.

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