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Statements etc
If its an open criminal case ... this is an open forum so don't risk your chances by too much detail that can identify anyone ... that's good advice for all posters
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
Thanks for the heads up.

I am struggling with the Position Statement now, as court is next week. Any advice?
My GP is writing another letter confirming that in his opinion there is no concern regarding my mental health. He's also providing me with the referral letter which is a damning indictment of my ex.

It would also appear that the ex has misappropriated other letters as well.

I've finished my position statement and am asking that the letter (and any as yet undisclosed letters) be made inadmissible due to the nature of their acquisition.

The ex has always made it clear that she doesn't want any contact to be arranged and I've maintained throughout that she will try to stop any contact and in my statement commented that her actions RE the letter in my mind shows the lengths she will go to in trying to prevent me seeing my daughter as well as what she is willing to do to me (denying me access to medical treatment)

I'll update next week once I've had the hearing

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