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Half term issues - escalated quickly
Well things have taken a turn for the worse.
I went to collect her this morning at 8.30, had to wait 15 minutes as she wasn't ready. I deliberately didn't say anything to my ex who said she will be down in a minute.
As soon as my daughter stepped out of the door, barely had time to say hello daddy, then my ex comes out with "Can you explain to me why she is scared to come over to yours and ask you for anything in case you get angry". My poor daughter just started crying and went back inside. All I could make out was her screaming to her mother that "it's all your fault, you've ruined everything".

Now I'm a very laid back guy who doesn't raise his voice year to year, my daughter is good as gold when she comes round so I don't have cause to get angry with her for any reason. I said to my ex that that was a disgusting thing to do in front of her. She had the affront to say that a child psycologist had told her she should do that.

Either way I come back home without my daughter and can only imagine what is going on at their house. Her mother is only interested in anyone elses opinion if it matches her own and I strongly suspect that my daughter is scared to offer her own opinion in earshot of her mother.

She needs to speak to someone independently so her thoughts and wishes can be known, at what point in court proceedings is this possible?

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