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what route should I go to gain access to see my son?
Hi Guys, 

Here is a little background info on my situation I wonder if anyone can give me some positive advice?

My son is 4 and 3/4 and he has recently started school in September. My sons mother and I have been broken up for the last 2 and half years now. Ever since we split I have given her money every month and also had my son every weekend from Friday evening until Sunday night/Monday morning. This all changed in January thins year when’s I left my job and my son came to live with me full time. During that time my sons Mum never took my son on a consistent basis or even pay a penny towards his upkeep. 
I asked his mother if she could help out with taking him to school and picking him up from school when he started in September and she said that wasn’t possible which was fair enough so I told her I will be going back to work and due to the nature of my work I will Be leaving the house quite early so I will need to pay for a nanny. She did not like this idea and decided that She would  take my son back and just take him to school her self. I agreed as she Is my sons Mum and she has the right to make that decision. Since agreeing this with her and my son starting school in September I have not been able to see my son or even speak to him on the phone. 
She then contacted me and said”this is not a debate you can have your son from Tuesday morning until Thursday evening”. This is not possible for me as I’m working and also paying child maintenance for my son. I asked if I can have him on weekends and she said no they are busy it’s tues-thurs or nothing. And literally it has been nothing. she will not even alow me to speak on the phone to him. 
I am on his birth certificate I have proof he was living with me full time. I am paying my csa and I do not know what steps I can take next to ensure that I ca see him on a regular basis and at least speak to him.
Can some one advise me please?
The best thing to do may be to seek half and hour of free advice from a solicitor as to the best way forward. But I think essentially it is going to be a case of giing to mediation and if that fails, going to court.

You should continue to post all the questions you have until the matter is resolved. Good luck.
I would approach her again with a feasible suggestion and something that can work for you, and hopefully her too. Hopefully (and if she is reasonable) this could work for you.

I would recommend a free half hour consultation, but go prepared with a list of questions to ask as well as your situation. I have done this and it does give you some clarity.

I am guessing this will be a case of mediation then if nothing is agreed, court. But mediation will probably be the suggested next steps if you were to speak to a solicitor.

If you do go into mediation, please go in with a plan or aim of what you want to get out of it, and stick to that and negotiate where you need to. Going in with no plan or aim can result to multiple sessions, which is not only time consuming, but costly, as I well found out.

Good luck

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