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Newly Separated Dad
(11-04-2017, 05:19 PM)Drew65 Wrote:
(11-03-2017, 07:40 PM)AKentishMan Wrote: Well, all the way through this she hasn't actually apologised or taken any responsibility for her part. In fact, even when we were together, she would start an argument and somehow I'd be the one who always ended up apologising, just to keep the peace and get things on an even keel again.

So I'm used to having the blame all the time anyway!! ? And I even promised I'd change myself during the early stages of the separation, if she took me back.

We weren't married to the same woman were we?

And me?! 

Actually i think it's a well known scientifically proven difference between men and women. If men do something wrong and get caught out, they hold their hands up and apologise profusely. Women on the other hand will deny things as long as possible, and even when it's proven to them that they've done something wrong, they'll justify it somehow, most of the time blaming it on your or others for 'forcing' them to act the way they did.
Have had the “I am leaving, love you but not in love with you etc” speech twice in the 20 Year’s I was married. Both times there was another bloke. And those mixed messages from her feeling guilty - don’t get your hopes up.

Don’t worry about her finances. Once she goes to the benefits office as a single mum with a young child she will have more money than you. I got played badly worrying about her and handing everything over until I realized just how much she was getting.

Don’t leave the house. You do and it is hers.

Don’t give her an inch on the 50/50 care. Set the routine now and she will be hard pressed to convince a court that it needs to change.

Sell as quick as you can or buy her out but do it ASAP and get the consent order all done and clean break agreed before things get ugly.

I was married 20 Year’s, we grew up together, were always going to be friends blah blah. Everyone laughed at me believing it, yeah, didn’t last long

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