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Separated parental information program
Just got back, a lot of it is common sense but will be hard hitting on parents who refuse the other contact also points out a few things I didnt notice like not asking the kids questions about your ex which seemed fairly innocent to me but they highlighted the position it puts the kids in.

They do get you to tell the group a lot of personal detail too which might make some people uncomfortable. The videos of kids with separated parents talking about it is quite hard hitting too. I think it may be of more help persuading difficult mums. They do try to get across that the day you separated you lose the right to tell the other parent how to raise your child when it is their time which seems to clash with the idea of parenting plans. They also sign you up to an online service which I guess your ex will also have where issues relating the child can be managed.

Overall it was a positive experience but I think the best benefit from it will be it could make my ex more reasonable on contact. The video of the dad and the kids in the contact centre should make any half good mum see sense in what insisting on that does to their kids.
Nice to get a review of the place!

I'm still waiting to hear back on when I can be slotted in

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