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Pre-empting Contact Issues
Hi All

Got my Pre-Visit with the Contact Centre today to get the ball rolling on the Supervised Fortnightly contact for seeing my Daughter.

My ex is still vehemently opposed to contact of any kind and has only reluctantly agreed to the S7's recommendations for contact to begin.

Now in an ideal world everything will run smoothly and I will get my 1 hour of contact every fortnight.

But past experience has proven that she will not make it smooth in any way, I have to pay in advance and in full for each session I want to book the room and that's set in stone, I get 1 hour and the centre is so busy that flexibility is impossible for them so when she rocks up 20min late I lose that time which I wont be happy about, then I can see her not turning up (meaning I don't see my little girl, I waste the Centres time and resources, take up a room that could be used for someone else and I lose money)

I don't want to come across as the one causing a fuss with the Centre, does anyone know what the best course of action is in these circumstances? I have heard of a C79 form but I assume that if its just the odd occurrence or maybe 1 missed session the court would see it as a bit extreme  

another concern is that the ex will say my daughter is distressed after seeing me or accuse me of harming my daughter so I was thinking of asking the supervisor to check her over when she arrives and before she leaves for any marks, bruises etc so in the event they say "shes got a bruise" Its covered in the report that when she had contact all was well.

Does anyone have any experience of having supervised contact and this sort of thing happening? I assume the reports are 100% based on the contact so if she arrives and leaves happy what happens after the contact is irrelevant right?

Sorry for the long post and the rambling nature of it all but I just wanted to get everything down while I thought of it


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