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what to ask the solicitor????
Hi all. I have a 1 free phone call with a solicitor tomorrow... one thing I have noticed when giving advice about this is seek some help from a solicitor , so I have...not sure what to ask or what he can offer me but it can hurt.....some help would be appreciated so I'm not wasting this call....thanks guys
For me?

Access to my children, should that be a point of contention.

Next for me - the family home. Where do you stand? Know your rights for certain.

Then the finances - do you have a joint account? Do you need to separate out payments for anything? Also ask about how much they charge - most places do a fixed package.

They may well discuss mediation with you as well. I got that on my initial.

Like I said - this is what I asked on my first session. Maybe as well how long they see it going on for - it's usually two years I think but uncontested adultery I think is ASAP.
Thanks pete it gives me a starter...
I had a few free calls, they all went the same, general advice not even as good as you have probably found out here, nothing specific or detailed then plenty of discussion about their fee should you instruct them. I found a local solicitor who did an hour consultation for £95 and because he was getting paid didn’t hold anything back and was entirely honest with specifics and advice. I picked his brains for an hour solid. Best 95 quid I ever spent
it's a thing my work has for employees...lifeworks...I can get a free call to a local solicitor for advice ( might keep that for when I do need it ) have learned a lot from this site...I also get 6 councilling meeting's if I need them aswell...just someone to talk to when I need I may aswell use it...thanks for your help
I did the counselling sessions paid for by my work, and I really benefitted from it. For the most part, it was just a lady telling me how great I am and when I told her all the things i felt bad about having done, she told me that they were understandable, given the circumstances. She remembered things from one session to the next and introduced them as justification as to how I had behaved. So when my wife then said that I had called her promiscuous, I said “yes, but I was coming from a position of hurt due to your affair!”. Lifted straight from the counsellor.

Go and see them.
Cheers proT.....yes I'm going to go to them...think it be good to talk to someone about it....don't have anyone else to talk to about this...

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