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Missing item what to do?
Ok - son's musical instrument, on loan from local authority, has been taken by his Mother (it is usually kept at my house but she took it from school after preventing my school pickups)  She is now pretending she doesn't know where it is.  Son is sitting through music lessons with no musical instrument.  I am responsible for it, having signed the forms to pay for the lessons and hire the instrument.  She wants him to give it up - no idea why - just because I paid for the lessons probably and son enjoys it.  As there is no communication whatsoever - what do I do?  Can't break in and get it back.
Spoke to Headteacher who is now officially terrified - says she has had so much hostility from son's Mother she doesn't want to call her. So it'll have to be done via ex's Solicitor.
Not your issue mate... " on loan from local authority" - tell them where it is and if they want it back they can go round with a SWAT team, they can
Explain that although you signed it for your house it was taken from school and not returned after you separated

Then (money allowing) you get him a 2nd hand instrument and keep it at yours / school.
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
Thanks. Yes had just decided to get a second hand one - they cost a fortune. How do other people cope with music things like that. School won't let them leave it there, it has to go home and it's been all over the place. I had been keeping it at my house, dropping it into school on the day and picking it up again. But since she prevented school pickups she took it. I have bigger things to be thinking about at the moment but it has got to me a bit. Poor kid.

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