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Social worker has quit
So basically I have proved the social worker has lied repeatedly and favoured the mother and after the first hearing I have proved the mother is full of lies with factual evidence on paper after judge gave me 4 pages to write against the social workers section 7 and 3 pages against the mother and I have filed over 10 pieces of evidence to show lies and misleading the court. Amended section 7 was due 3 days ago but I called to speak to the social worker about our son trying to see his sisters she has and she said there was a court order saying he cant see them which is a lie as we havent had final hearing yet, I have full custody of our son after she admitted in a police interview to assaulting him but claimed self defence ! And basically the social worker no longer works there !!!!

Someone please tell me this is all going in my favour as I haven't seen my girls since March 23rd and it's killing me, she's admitting assaulting a minor, I've provedd lies from her and social worker and I just need my kids away from.a woman that's admitted child abuse and has commited sexual assualt?

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