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Advice on financial aggreement please

I would welcome any thoughts on my situation based on your experience.

My wife and I separated eight months ago due to unreasonable behaviour towards the children, there is no chance of reconciliation.

I have offered the following informally:

Equity split from the house sale 95K , 55K in her favour 

A payment of £2300 for ten years , roughly 33% of my salary (after tax)

50% of pension worth around 80K

Our children are 14 and 18 , they will be staying with me permanently.

We are both moving back to Scotland in separate rented accommodation.

She has pushed back on this offer , asking for payments for life.

I would welcome any thoughts , I thought I was being very very fair ?
To right you are being very fair.....payment for life....why would you do that??? You have the children so she should be paying you. And she is doing well from your pension and the split from the house sale.
She doesn’t work and has made no effort to retrain despite me asking her to. Her argument is that she stayed at home to look after the kids and therefore gave up any career. She was not in a highly paid job before coming into the marriage and has no specific skills - we were also married 20 years. She is capable of getting back to work. I was giving her ten years support out of goodwill and the fact I want some kind of stable person for my children to visit.
I think you have been very generous there! but dont offer something now that youll regret later on - think of yourself a bit.

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