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Cafcass report only been sent to the court
I was due to receive the section 7 CAFCASS report today. It didn’t turn up and we are due in court on Friday this week. My solicitor has contacted CAFCASS and has been told it has been sent to the court but that it wasn’t been made available to the parties.

From what I’ve read, this only happens in exceptional circumstances but what sort of exceptional circumstances could there be?

A brief background: I applied for children’s act hearings as I was being denied access to the children. My ex had made allegations of domestic abuse against me (all false) and I was as arrested and placed on police bail. Police investigation concluded with No Further Action. The ex is still denying me access other than the interim 6 hours a week. I have had serious concerns about her ability to care for the children including my son (aged 9) reporting being shown pornographic images by my ex, her leaving him ‘Home alone’ and neglect of their medical needs (daughter ended up in hospital after being sent to School with a temp of 40 degrees and a chest infection - developed into pneumonia).

Thanks in advance
Don't sweat it, it's the stupidity of the court system. Cafcass should have sent you the report so I would suggest you get on the phone to them tell you have two days to consider the report and how is that possible when you don't have a copy. Get them to email it via secure email. Frankly your solicitor is falling down on the job. He/she should get it. None of this is unusual, exactly the same thing happened to me. Arrested, bailed for DV. NFA. S7 sent to court etc etc.

Important thing is you get a copy and ingest before the Hearing!
Thanks for your response - I took your advice and so got the report this afternoon. I would complain but having read it I’m over the moon. It dismisses all the allegations she made about me and then goes into detail about how she is lying to everyone including the children - how she is attempting to alienate the children against me and how the children say she makes them sad and that they are scared of her!
I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!
Well then, I'll tell you this now. You'll never get a better report than that. Ever.

Try to look neutral in court tomorrow. But honestly, a CAFCASS report alleging attempted parental alienation? Christmas came early for you!

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Your lucky.
Just got mine yesterday, 5 months AFTER my court case where I was thrown under the bus.
Well, today went as expected - judge was not impressed by ex and gave a very strong indication that if the ex didn’t agree to shared care then it wouldn’t bode well. It was just an interim hearing and no surprise that the ex refused to allow any further access - going to have to go back for an interim arrangements hearing but the judge has set it for 2 weeks time.
The ex wants me to have less access than now but she was told to come up with an agreement that reflected The Cafcass recommendations. The ex’s solicitor claimed the Cafcass report was bias and should not have taken the views of the children into account (unsurprising as the children told Cafcass that the mother made them sad and they wanted to live with me).
Anyway, hopeful for next hearing - the ex is never going to negotiate so hopefully the court will impose at least the Cafcass recommendations for my access as an interim measure before the final hearing.
It would by all accounts, look like you are going to get the access that CAFCASS recommends - though by the sounds of your Ex - you may need to go and arrange an enforcement order
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.

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