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Been isolated help please
Hi guys. Im new to this site as ive found myself in a situation i feel helpless in. I reaaly hope someone can show me some direction in how to deal with it.

My wife and i have just seperated 3 weeks after our baby daughter was born. We have had a rocky relationship with moments of short seperation before but what happened this week is a line thats been crossed where it is time to call it a day.

As per usual the beginning of our arguement started of with what would seem a pety arguement, deciding what surname our baby would take. Although we are married she decided that she was going to still use her maiden name in the marriage. It got so bad we ended up not speaking and more or less living seperate lives under the one roof. Out of the blue Last Friday i recieved an email from a local mediation practice inviting me to contact them to arrange a session that my wife had initiated. In the email was requests to bring financial information for verification. 

The weekend passed with my wife becoming exctremly protective of our baby, not wanting to put her down and when she did she would pick her up at the slightest sound. It got so bad i ended up staying awake until 5/6 in the morning just so i could have time with our baby. On Tuesday i was printing my bank statements for the meeting on Wednesday when she comes in the little bedroom where we have the printer set up, see’s me, apologised then left. Almost immediately she barges back in, baby in arms and snatches my documents from the printer. I bolt up and confront her saying what the hell are you doing snatching the papers back. She then accuses me of attacking her, runs downstairs and calls 999. 

Realising im being set up and that she is trying to discredit my charcter i go to the stairs while she is in the living room on the phone. The woman could get an oscar for the performance that day. The police turn up 10 minutes later and im now in the living room while she is in the kitchen and we both get questioned seperately. I explain what has happened and as i imagine in all circumstances like this i am asked/ told its best if i find somewhere else to stay the night. The answer should be no not really and why should i be uprooted over nothing but in reality its that or a cell for the night, so i make an arrangement to stay somewhere. I later recieved a call from the attending officer informing me that no further action will be taken. Make of that what you will.

We arrive at mediation and we go through our financial liabilities. We reach the end of the meeting and visitation for my daughter is brought up to cover between now and our next meeting. I say i want 3 days a week which is immediately dissmised on the grounds that she is only 3 weeks old and that she does not want the baby out of the house. I am asked to compromise. 2 hours every 2 days i reply taking into account that now im going to have to see my baby in the marital home. Again this is refused and eventually we settle on 2 hours twice a week.

I get a call from mediation later that day informing me the next meeting that my wife can make isnt until Jan 3rd (6 weeks away) so i commence a text conversation with her trying to (a) arrange an earlier meeting this year so i can have proper arrangements in place for christmas and (b) get some dates to have my agreed 2 hours twice a week. Evrything i suggest gets dissmissed instantly through one reason or another and in all honesty i dont think i will get my agreed time.

Apaolgies for the lenghty message but these things are never straight forward. Im just looking for advice on what action to do next really and if anyone can help i would be so so greatful. Thanks for reading.

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