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Hearing Update
Morning all,

Thanks to everyone for this forum and to those that have posted a reply to any threads..much appreciated

Last week I went to court for a 1st hearing and the judge agreed to Friday afternoon to Monday morning and half of all holidays - I did go for every weekend but got shot down by the judge as Mum needs fun time I also got two phone calls on Wednesday and Weekend day

My advice for those of you going would be to sit quiet, speak only when asked, don’t bicker or argue and just speak calmly about th children - do not engage with anything hat makes you annoyed from your ex - I did this and my ex really went for me even having a word document of some depth outlining why I was such a bad father and man - it very much went against her and they are not interested in any of that nonsense

Once the judge agrees that is it set in stone and of course my ex is saying she won’t sign it and will contest it but that is very difficult and the judge has the final say and there is nothing to sign anyway once it is agreed so don’t worry about that

I won’t lie it is nerve wracking but I just kept saying to myself that I’m here for my children and their growing up with me a part of their lives and this got me through it and so if you have doubts don’t and just believe and it will be Ok

I also didn’t take a solicitor and just went with me and my desire to be a father and I’ve come out Ok

Good luck to all and ask anything you need from me and I’ll happily help where I can

Stay strong and thanks again

"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
Nice one bro....well done you.

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